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 No Comp Left Behind

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PostSubject: No Comp Left Behind   Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:18 am

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Everyone hates joining a competition just to have the host abandon it. Its no fun and all your hard work went to waste. But then some people who are actually dedicated to hosting and have been trustworthy, don't get competitors to sign up because everyone's too gun-shy to join due to the (grotesquely immense) number of abandoned competitions. So that's why I'm setting up the list.

The list will have the names of members who have either here, on the officials, or on another site, hosted a FULL CYCLE COMPETITION. That means from sign-ups to winners, they didn't drop/abandon/cut the competition short because they had to leave/etc. They stuck it out and completed what they started. Once they are on the trusted list, they will stay there until they prove themselves otherwise. That way, before you join a competition, you can see whether or not your host is trusted, and if they are, you should have no worries joining their competition. They will even get a nifty little badge above their avatar made by Bliss so they will be easily identifiable.

To nominate people for the list, simply PM me with their username, the competition they ran to completion, and where it was hosted (with another username if applicable).

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The program going hand in hand with the trusted list is No Competition Left Behind. The NCLB program is set in place so that way models who have been working on a competition that gets abandoned aren't left high and dry with no results. Any competition that is a part of NCLB agrees that in the event the host goes missing and makes no attempt to contact/inform their models of any sort of conclusion/progress for 3-4 weeks, the comp will be adopted by another member of the community and finished out. The name/banners/etc will be changed (as no one wants to take your work), but its tag will include "Formerly known as ______" so your models are aware the new thread is the one taking over for where the old competition was left off. As a host, opting into NCLB allows you to not have to worry or feel guilty over the need to tend to RL issues. Everyone understands some things need to come first and your models will be taken care of by the community, no harm done. In this way, everyone wins.

You can place this badge within your competition thread to let potential models know that you are apart of the NCLB program.

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All competitions on Unbound will automatically be included in the NCLB program unless stated at the creation of the competition that you are electing to not be a part of it. If the host chooses this route, they must have a statement in their original post of their modeling thread stating that that particular competition is not a part of NCLB. It can be at the top, at the bottom, in the rules - anywhere you chose. By letting us know you are not participating, we will make sure that your competition is not picked up in the event you are unable to finish hosting yourself.

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No Comp Left Behind
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