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 Combining Packages

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PostSubject: Combining Packages   Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:20 pm

YO, it's Twi :3

I started combining some of my packages (because my game runs slow as shitt) and I realized that it takes kind of a while...

So I have a few questions...

-Does it really boost the speed of the game?
-Is it really worth it?
-What do you combine? (And what don't you)
-What categories do you combine them in?

Any advice would be great too

I have a lot of packages, so I'm really hoping this helps. Any feedback would be great you guys(:

Also, I've been following this tutorial:

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:blue star:

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PostSubject: Re: Combining Packages   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:52 pm

Well i thought it did so i moved everything over to my mods folder and i didnt notice a diference tbh. I actually thought my game was running slower than before. Im using the launcher now for my clothing and objects. Mods folder for poses, hairs, makeup, and skins,

My game loads in about 2-5 min now

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PostSubject: Re: Combining Packages   Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:37 am

Hey Twi! Thought Id comment. :}

First, Im not sure what tutorial your using..seems harder than it actually is. Im not sure if going through all those extra steps do anthing? XD
I just separate my files into their appropriate folder, open up S3PE, import-->packages, navigate to my folder that has my packages, highlight all and hit open. When its done I save.
It does take a a little while to process all the packages and some more time to save as a giant package, but I usually take a day to update all my mods. I dont repackage everytime I download something, I download and move to an empty folder and just wait for it to build up like to 50 CC or something then I take a day to just repackage folders that got new CC.

Anyways on to my opinion. XP
I think it works. I used to just have loose packages in my mods folder, everything was loose. And my game was slow as a snail...it took 10 minutes to load..sometimes longer. It drove me nuts.
Finally I learned to combine packages and I noticed an instant boost. I have ALOT of CC (around 5500) and my loading time takes about 1 min...(from beginning to opening saved game). I definitely saw an improvement.
I have on my desktop a folder called 'Downloads' In that folder I separate my cc in Alphabetical order, with a couple alphabets overlapping:
A, A-B, C, D-E, F, G-H-I, J-K, L, L-M, N-O-P, Q-R, S, SS, S-T, U-V-W-X-Y-Z
Thats a total of 15 combined packages.
Then I have 6 more folders (2 for peggy hair, 1 for all non-replacement skintones and sliders , 1 for Vita Sims items, 1 called PoserBox for all poses downloaded and 1 for Queenstown world items)
So thats a total now of 21 packages.
I do not package 'important' mods like the actual poser box or twallans mods, face overlays, scripts like the vanishing objects one or the OMSP, or camera mods because I like having them loose for easy replacement when a new version comes out. I dont have to repackage them, just overwrite.
With all the loose 'important' mods and packages and the combined packages I have about 40 something packages in my mod folder.
The only things I have as Sims3Packs are patterns and houses. :}

So that how my CC is organized!
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PostSubject: Re: Combining Packages   

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Combining Packages
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